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MCH Seminar–Supporting Parent-Child Relationships: Opportunities for Promoting Future Mental Health

On February 17th Nikki Lively gave a presentation about the potential for the prevention of mental illness in a family system by intervening with mothers of infants who are struggling in this relationship due to postpartum depression or anxiety. The development of the MotherCare Circle, a psychoeducational group translating attachment theory into real lessons for parents to understand and relate to their infant, was discussed in terms of its challenges and rewards.

Nikki Lively, MA, LCSW, is a Clinical Social Worker in the Women’s Mental Health program in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Medical Center. Ms. Lively provides individual, couples, and family therapy specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, particularly mood disturbances within the reproductive cycle and eating disorders.

Click here for the powerpoint presentation and the audio recording of the presentation.

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Family Secrets: Beyond Baby Blues

Circle of Security Website

Educational group for Pregnant and Postpartum Women at UIC

July 2011 Coaching and Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development and Coaching For MCH Professionals

A Program for Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational MCH Professionals


The Maternal and Child Health Program (MCHP) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) provides easily accessible, engaging, and efficient leadership development opportunities for MCH professionals.  In the broad field of MCH, there are many and varied opportunities to develop leadership capacity related to a specific skill-set and/or knowledge base; however, there are limited opportunities to engage in personal leadership development opportunities that support individuals in exploring their goals and vision for MCH, developing emotional intelligence, and exploring work/life balance and overall life satisfaction.  In response, the UIC MCHP offers a 6-month, distance-based professional leadership development and coaching program for MCH professionals across the United States.

The program includes monthly group leadership development phone calls and monthly, individual coaching sessions with a professional leadership coach.  All work takes place by phone. The target audience includes intergenerational, interdisciplinary MCH professionals who work in a Title V-funded program or an MCHB-funded training program (LEND, LEAH, PPC, SPH, Nutrition, etc.) and other professionals in the public and not-for-profit sectors who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of women, children, and families.  Because learning is applied at the individual level, participants may include senior level leaders, mid-level managers, emerging leaders, and young professionals.  Interested individuals complete a short application and submit a 1-2 page Letter of Interest.  The program begins twice each year in January and July.  The application due date for the July 2011 program is Monday, May 16, 2011.

Participants in this program:

  • Identify leadership strengths and action steps to support the enhancement of these strengths.
  • Identify leadership gaps and steps to address noted gaps.
  • Develop a set of personal/professional values to guide decision-making.
  • Engage in self-reflection exercises to enhance personal leadership and explore opportunities to improve their skill set, work satisfaction, and level of work engagement.
  • Identify sources of personal reward and rejuvenation to sustain productivity and MCH commitment.
  • Explore their passion for MCH and engage in work that has the impact they desire.
  • Create a leadership development action plan to support their ongoing leadership development and commitment to the field of MCH.
  • Support your current life situation and not add additional work.

The program and professional coaching is delivered by UIC MCHP Continuing Education Director, Kris Risley, DrPH, CPCC and a group of certified professional coaches trained through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  The program cost is $1800/person.

If you are a senior level leader with a desire to take on different responsibilities or you would like to develop and carry out a new vision; you are a young professional or emerging leader exploring your career path; you are burned out in your existing work environment; you are ready to take your work to the next level; or you simply  have more to offer, please consider this program.

For additional information,  please contact Kris Risley via email/phone or Jaime Klaus at or visit our website.  If you would like to apply for the program, please complete the Application and return to Jaime Klaus.

MCH Faculty Serve As Editors of New Textbook

Congratulations to all the MCHP faculty members, alumni and students who worked on the recently published textbook “Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes: The Evidence from Population-Based Interventions”!

Despite the development of numerous programs, initiatives, and approaches to address the delivery of care during the preconceptional, prenatal, and postpartum periods, the major indicators of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in the US have not uniformly shown marked improvement over the last two decades; most notably, racial/ethnic disparities in key maternal and infant health status measures have remained persistent, and in some cases, even increased.  The focus of this book is to review the evidence base for public health interventions aimed at improving reproductive and perinatal outcomes and the potential of these interventions to reduce disparities in such outcomes between racial/ethnic groups in the United States.

For more information click here.

MCHP faculty, alumni and students who contributed to this book:
MCHP Faculty: Dr. Arden Handler (editor), Dr. Joan Kennelly (editor), Dr. Nadine Peacock (editor), Dr. Noel Chavez, and Dr. Michele Issel

MCHP Alumni:  Beth Pelletteri, MPH,  Anna Wiencrot, MPH,  Jaime Slaughter, PhD, Sarah G. Forrestal, PhD, Patricia Garcia, MPH and Suzanne Carlberg-Racich

MCHP Students: Ashley Dyer and Amanda Bennett, MPH

Proposed Title V Cuts!

Hi all.  We wanted to share this information regarding proposed Title V cuts with you in case you have not heard.  Towards the end of the message, you will see possible action steps you can take.

Today House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) released initial details of a House proposal


to revise the current continuing resolution (CR) that would fund federal government through the rest of the fiscal year.  The proposal includes a $210 million cut to the Title V Maternal & Child Health Block Grant and is expected to be voted on in the House early next week.  It is absolutely imperative that your Members of Congress hear from you today about how devastating this cut would be to the maternal and child health and children with special health care needs programs in your state.

AMCHP urges all members and friends to call your elected officials NOW with the following message:

• I am calling in strong opposition to the proposed $210 million cut to the Title V MCH Block Grant included in the revised House continuing resolution.

$210 million is a 32% cut to an effective, important, and vital program in our state.

•Cuts this deep will devastate state and local programs serving women, babies, children, and children with special health care needs in our state.

•This cut is counter-productive because health issues that we don’t prevent or detect early through this program now will ultimately cost us all more later.  For example, the average cost of a premature baby is $58,000 – it makes no sense to cut programs that work to prevent maternal and child health issues like prematurity that will save us money in the future.

•Please tell (Your Representative’s/Senator’s name) that we should not balance the budget on the backs of babies and our nation’s most vulnerable.

Members of Congress need to hear from you today. They listen to onstituents and it is imperative they know how these cuts will impact mothers and children in their jurisdictions.  Therefore, in accordance with your organization’s advocacy rules, AMCHP urges you to contact your elected officials now.  AMCHP also asks that you share this email with all MCH advocates in your state and urge them to also contact their Members of Congress.

Your efforts to reach Members of Congress will be critical to preventing deep cuts to MCH programs in FY 2011. Please share any feedback you receive with AMCHP staff about your contacts as this will be helpful as we continue our advocacy efforts  on your behalf.   For more information or to share feedback please contact Joshua Brown ( or Brent Ewig ( via email or at (202) 775-0436.

Need helping finding your Representative’s or Senator’s Phone Number?

To find your senators’ and representatives’ phone numbers, use this searchable online congressional directory or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senators’ and/or representative’s office.  Ask to speak with the aide who handles health

issues and leave a voice mail if you cannot reach them directly.   While the urgency of the situation requires immediate phone calls, you may want to follow-up with an email or fax to reiterate your point.  You can find email addresses and fax numbers at and   First priority is to contact members of the House of Representatives as they will vote first, and we also urge you to call your state’s two Senators to share your views with them as well.

MCH Trainee and Alumni Webinar

Hi All.  We wanted to share the archive of a recent MCH Webinar with you.  If you are a current student in an MCH training program, such as the MCH Program at the UIC School of Public Health or any of the diverse MCH training programs across the country, an alumni of one of these programs, thinking about enrolling in a graduate program in MCH, or thinking about a career involved in improving the health and well-being of women, children, and families please take a listen to this webinar.  It helps to create a context for the work we do in MCH and is quite inspiring!

The Webinar provides an overview of HHS/HRSA/MCHB/ DRTE and the Training Program Portfolio.  You will learn how MCH leadership training serves as the catalyst to assure national MCH impact and MCHB Training Program priorities.  The slides and the audio are available here.

The speaker is Gwendolyn J. Adam, PhD, LMSW

Chief, Training Branch

Division of Research, Training and Education

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Health Resources and Services Administration

UIC School of Public Health 2010

Hi All.  Here is a youtube video clip of the UIC School of Public Health in 2010.  It’s a great video representation of what our School is about and what we were up to in the last year.   Hope you enjoy!