Gabrielle Lodge

Pronouns: She/They

Past/current experiences working in the field of MCH:
Gabrielle Lodge received their Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Southern Maine (Lewiston-Auburn College). During their undergraduate experience she volunteered as a Helpline Advocate on a domestic violence hotline, worked as a secretary in a pediatric office and a birthing unit, and interned with a Lactation Consultant. Last school year they were an Irving Harris Scholar and Research Assistant with the Center of Excellence in MCH at UIC. This summer she completed her MPH practicum in Kisumu, Kenya working at a family planning clinic called Family Health Options Kenya, and a women’s lawyers organization called FIDA Kenya. For Family Health Options Kenya she did data analysis for the Kisumu clinic in addition to observing and assisting health providers with clients. For FIDA Kenya she completed an advocacy tool by writing a comparative analysis of the Reproductive Health laws in Kenya, South Africa, and Senegal. This fall she will be a Research Assistant with Dr. Floyd on a Healthy Start evaluation project that addresses infant, and maternal health disparities in Chicago.

Areas of Interest within MCH and Future Professional Goals:
Their primary areas of interest are reproductive and sexual health, mental health, and queer health. She aspires to go to nursing school after obtaining her MPH to become a certified nurse midwife (CNM). They hope to combine these two disciplines to work clinically as a birth worker and researcher within communities to alleviate disparities concerning black women, women of color and LGBTQ populations. She also hopes to continue her education to also include pediatric and/or primary care advanced nursing in order to serve the entire family.

Fun Fact:
She took a black and white film photography class for her undergraduate degree and prefers film over digital photography. They also hope to live and work as a midwife in both Jamaica and Kenya at some point in her lifetime.