Kristina Risley, DrPH


Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences
1603 W. Taylor St, Office 683
Chicago, IL 60612

Dr. Kristina Risley is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Community Health Sciences Division. Dr. Risley is a professional leadership coach, and her research and teaching interests include leadership development, emotional intelligence, and public health workforce development. She facilitates leadership training sessions with maternal and child health students, and utilizes strengths-based and emotional intelligence training models. Dr. Risley is currently providing technical assistance to the Rhode Island and Iowa State Maternal and Child Health Programs to help them develop their workforces. She is also a career and leadership coach with the American Public Health Association and a quality improvement lead with the National MCH Workforce Development Center.

Selected publications:

Risley, K. & Cooper, H. (2011). Professional coaching: An innovative and promising leadership development and career enhancement approach for public health professionals. Health promotion practice, 12(4), 497-501.