The Learning Agenda Item that was ranked as the #1 priority is Leading Across the Generations.  Below is the information we collected about this item.  What are you already doing in this area and what ideas do you have to move us forward with this agenda item?!  This is actually the small group discussion that had the largest number of participants and most diverse group of people!  I started with an action step that we actively try to do here at UIC with all of our MCH events.  What other ideas do you have or what are you currently doing?

Leading Across GenerationsWhat are the critical conversations we need to have to successfully pass the knowledge to the next generation and have fun at the same time?  [Energy of youth + Wisdom of elders ensuring sustainability]

  • Embracing and leveraging generational differences in the workplace.
  • Filling the talent gap.
  • Creating opportunities for leadership and mentorship.
  • Providing space and empowerment for younger colleagues.
  • Recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Early retirements/brain drain.


  1. Have meetings/conferences in which all generations are invited and encouraged to interact as colleagues/equals.