There are two ways to subscribe to the UIC MCH Program blog:

1) Email Subscription.  On the top left of the blog you will see a box where you can type in your email address.  If you do this, blog updates will be sent to your email inbox.  You may want these notices to go to your work email or your personal email.

2) RSS.  I am not at all clear about all the ways to access RSS but will share what I know.  I like RSS because blog updates do not go directly into my email inbox.  I subscribe through gmail and when something posts to the blog, the posting goes into my gmail reader which is basically a separate page in my gmail account.  Below is a short youtube clip that is VERY helpful in understanding how to receive RSS. I know you can set this up through gmail and yahoo.  There are probably other ways.

Basically, anywhere on any site where you see a little orange box, that is RSS.  You can click on that to receive RSS or you can subscribe on gmail, yahoo, etc. using the website’s url.  The video below describes this process in more detail.  If you need more help, please feel free to email me at