Financial Aid and Scholarships


Students who apply to UIC-SPH and are accepted into the Maternal and Child Health Concentration or the Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (MCHEPI) concentration are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the Center. This special funding is available through the DHHS Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Irving B. Harris Foundation. Student support includes a limited number of assistantships, scholarships, and travel awards.

Irving Harris Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Scholars at the UIC CoE – MCH

The UIC-SPH Irving Harris MCH Scholars Program is designed to recruit exceptional students from various racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, geographic, and disciplinary backgrounds who demonstrate leadership potential. This assistantship focuses on student leadership development in order to enhance students’ capacity to improve the health and well-being of women, children, and families.


  • Three Scholars selected each year
    • Irving Harris Early Childhood Scholar: Each year, one of the 3 Harris Scholars will be selected to focus on Early Childhood. This student will have a few additional requirements (see below).
  • Each scholar will receive a tuition waiver and monthly stipends during their first year
  • Provides leadership training
  • Eligible for professional development funding (conferences, workshops)
  • Opportunity to work closely with CoE-MCH faculty and staff on projects, ultimately developing relationships with individuals who are leaders in the MCH field


  • Masters level only
  • Must be accepted into Maternal and Child Health concentration or the Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (MCHEPI) concentration
  • Students must apply to the UIC – School of Public Health by February 1st.

Scholar Requirements                                                                                       

  • Complete the MPH Program in MCH or MCHEPI
    • Required to remain in the MCH concentration or the MCHEPI concentration and complete their program requirements
    • Must maintain good academic standing each semester
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Schedule and attend at least 4 leadership coaching sessions any time during their academic career in MCH at UIC
  • Work
    • Work with faculty and staff on a variety of curricular, technical assistance and/or research projects
    • 10hrs per week while classes are in session based on a current academic calendar

Additional Requirements for Irving Harris Early Childhood Scholar

   The following experiences/opportunities must be focused on early childhood issues:

  • Applied practice experience
  • Projects and assignments within MCH core courses (CHSC 511 and 543)
  • Select one elective focused on early childhood (either through UIC’s Early Childhood Program or through the Erikson Institute)

 Application Process

  • Information about this opportunity will be sent to all incoming students who are accepted into the MCH concentration. Those who are interested can express their interest by contacting the CoE-MCH (by the deadline that will be determined each year) and their SOPHAS applications will be reviewed for consideration. Then we will ask students to participate in an interview process. The application for the upcoming school year is due February 25th, 2019. For more information contact Cindy San Miguel at


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Maternal and Child Health PhD Scholar

Each year, a Ph.D. student from the Community Health Sciences Division who chooses to pursue a doctoral degree that focuses on the health and well-being of women, children, or families is selected as a Maternal and Child Health Ph.D. Scholar. We define MCH broadly to include the health of women not only related to reproductive health and child-bearing. These students are chosen carefully by a faculty committee on the basis of their research interests, accomplishments, and passion for MCH.


  • A $5,000 stipend will be provided
  • Mentorship from MCH faculty
  • Funding for travel to conferences and other relevant MCH meetings
  • Leadership coaching

As a scholar the student agrees to follow the CHS PhD curriculum with the following adaptations:

  • Two of the 3 MCH core courses if no MPH in MCH (CHSC 511, 543, 595). If the person has a MPH in MCH, MCH core courses are not required.
  • One MCH oriented analytic course (e.g., CHSC/EPID 518 Epidemiology of Pediatric Diseases*) OR one MCH oriented methods course (e.g.,CHSC/EPID 549: Advanced Applied Methods in MCH Epidemiology*) as part of meeting your CHS analytic and methods requirements.
  • One-two MCH electives. If it meets your needs and interests, you can consider one of the CHSC-MCH core courses as an elective as well.
  • Participation in MCH PhD Journal Club.
  • MCH-oriented dissertation.

*EPID 404 is a prerequisite for CHSC/EPID549 and CHSC/EPID 518 


Students who are admitted into the PhD program in the Community Health Sciences Division. The scholars must make a commitment to pursue a doctoral degree that focuses on the health and well-being of women, children, or families.

Selection Process:

  • PhD students who have been admitted into CHS will receive information about this opportunity with their letter of acceptance. Those who are interested must contact CoE Program Coordinator, Cindy San Miguel, at
  • Candidates will also be identified during the admissions process.
  • After a list of potential candidates has been complied the candidates’ SOPHAS applications will be reviewed and each candidate will be asked to participate in an interview to aid in the selection process.

UIC CoE Student Support Stipends

All CoE students are eligible for support stipends each semester. Applications will be emailed to all CoE students each semester. Amount awarded will vary based on student eligibility and need.

  • Irving Harris Student Support Stipend
    • Funds are used to support student scholarships as well as conference attendance and professional development opportunities.
  • MCH Bureau Student Support Stipend
    • Funds are used to support student scholarships as well as conference attendance and professional development opportunities.

Maternal and Child Health Student Research Award

This award is presented annually to one graduate student (MPH or MS) enrolled in the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program or the MCH Epidemiology program who presents a poster at the annual SPH Student Research Forum and Awards Day. A panel of judges determines the candidate who will receive the award. The candidate receives $250. The research project must address a MCH topic, utilize appropriate research methods, provide evidence of supporting data and present a conceptual framework.

Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Award

Special funding is available for doctoral students in the MCH Epidemiology track that have passed their preliminary exams. The amount of the award varies depending on the availability of funding.

Loretta Pratt Lacey Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in memory of Dr. Lacey, a nationally renowned alumna and faculty member of SPH. The fund supports students of African American origin or descent, whose area of study focuses on women’s health. Master and doctoral level students are eligible to apply.

Other Financial Assistance

All students who are degree candidates in the UIC School of Public Health (SPH) are eligible to apply for financial aid as well as various scholarships and awards offered through UIC SPH.