Illinois Women’s Health Registry

On Monday, May 10, Sarah Bristol-Gould, PhD, Director of Research Programs for the Institute for Women’s Health Research at Northwestern University gave a presentation on the Illinois Women’s Health Registry.  Click here to view slides from the presentation:

The Registry is a database containing answers to a confidential health survey (symptoms, conditions, diseases, family history of disease, environmental exposures, stress and demographic information).  The Registry was created to help researchers have greater access to women in the state who want to participate in research that examines sex and gender differences in health and disease.  The Registry is a great resource for women who want to improve their health by becoming more aware of their health issues and wellness and it provides a great way for women to gain access to groundbreaking research studies and clinical trials.

If you are a student or researcher who is interesting in accessing this database for research purposes please contact the Institute at

If you are an Illinois resident over the age of 18 years, you can participate in the Registry.  To enroll visit: or call 800-984-IWHR to request a paper version of the survey.

It would be great to have a large number of Illinois women included in this database so that we can increase our understanding of how disease/illness affects women vs. men.  Further, this research will help to better tailor prevention efforts for women!

To check out the Institute’s blog, visit  This blog is an education resource for information regarding women’s health.