Internships & Practicum Opportunities

MPH in Maternal and Child Health students are required to engage in a 320 hour practicum to acquire experience and develop skills in the application of public health concepts in MCH. Most students complete their field experience between their first and second year in the program, however this is not required. Students must register for IPHS 650 and have their placement approved by the program.

Practicum for MPH in MCH Epidemiology Students

MPH in Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology students are given the opportunity to apply for the Graduate Student Epidemiology Program through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Students are connected with public health departments across the U.S. to apply their skills in MCH epidemiology. They are provided a $4,000 stipend and earn 5 credit hours for their degree.

MCH Epi students may also also choose to apply for epidemiology internships at a state or local public health department, and practicum opportunities must be approved by the program.

Practicum Opportunities for MPH in Maternal and Child Health Students

Maternal and Child Health students can choose to do their internships at non-profit organizations, public health departments, and other health agencies in Chicago, the United States, or abroad. The experience must be related to improving the health of the maternal and child population. Some sites that often host MCH students include:

Click here for more information on practicum requirements at the School of Public Health. Students can direct general practicum questions to Jaime Klaus at 312-355-4272 or Students in the Community Health Sciences Division should contact Dr. Brenikki Floyd at for assistance in identifying field practicum opportunities that will best meet their learning goals and needs.