Professional and Leadership Development

Strengths-Based Leadership

We believe our students should be able to discover, develop, and express their talents and strengths while they are in the program and to work towards this aim, every student completes the StrengthsFinder Assessment. This assessment consists of 180 paired comparison items that are classified into 34 groupings, or themes. Students take the assessment online and receive a report that lists their top five strengths. During the UIC Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health student orientation, we complete activities as a group so the students can reflect on how they can build upon their strengths. We also provide individual coaching for students if requested. The results of this assessment can be used as the students pursue their academic studies and explore their career paths.

UIC CoE in MCH Courses

Personal Leadership Development Course (8 week modules)
Personal leadership is the foundation for strong leadership and involves increasing one’s awareness of her or his leadership capacity. This course uses leadership theory to set a context for the students to focus on building on their unique leadership strengths; personal and professional values; internal resources; sense of work and life balance; and happiness and success as leaders in public health. Through a wide range of strategies including individual leadership coaching, large and small group discussions, and exposure to a range of leadership philosophies and approaches, students explore and develop their unique leader-self, practice what they are learning at home and work, develop a professional purpose, and consider how their  leadership strengths can be used to respond to challenges being faced by MCH leaders in the current changing health care climate.

Maternal and Child Health Seminar
The seminar examines concepts and characteristics of public health leadership within a social justice framework and explores the philosophical and contextual basis of public health policies, practice, and inquiry. It is designed to promote critical thinking and dialogue around complex, multilevel health issues and the environments within which public health leadership and practice are shaped.

Management Training

Each semester the UIC CoE in MCH hosts a workshop that focuses on management topics and skills. Students are required to attend 1-2 of these workshops during their academic careers.  Some of the topics that are covered in the workshops include project management, grant writing, and effective communication skills.